Amber Anderson

The warm climate of Florida and California was just not enough to keep Amber away from home for long. A Michigan native, she heard the call of home as new career opportunities presented themselves. And home is where she came.

After 17 years of sales and retail experience, Amber learned the importance of integrity and honesty when serving others. For her, doing just the bare minimum is never enough. What some would call ‘going above and beyond,’ Amber just sees as her responsibility to others. She isn’t satisfied with the status quo.

Amber often says that she feels accomplished only when she knows she has done everything in her power to ensure a customer has what they need; and that she’s in some way made them happy.

Some of that drive might come from her creative side. As a staunch DIYer, Amber can see potential in old furniture and really enjoys creating something new and updated with a piece. Chances are if she can see it, she can create it herself with her own spin on it.

And with her creativity comes a compassionate love for animals. She is a firm believer of “Adopt, Don’t Shop.”

With her sense of humor, coupled with her honest character, you know you’ll be well taken care of when Amber is on your side. Connect with Amber and let’s get started on satisfying your insurance needs!