Kathy White

When a young child watches as her dad leads with integrity, when she hears how much he loves his customers, when she feels kindness emanating from him, how can she not grow up wanting to follow in his footsteps?

And that’s just what Kathy White did. She started working at her parent’s agency as a teenager; something the other kids didn’t really understand. But having been immersed in the industry nearly her entire life has given Kathy invaluable insight into the inner workings of insurance as well as what people and businesses need from it.

Kathy is able to use this superpower to relate to a myriad of individual and business needs, and then provide them with best fit coverage, educating and supporting them along the way, and working hard to save them money.

As you get to know Kathy, you’ll quickly realize you’re being treated like family – which is great because she likes to feed people sweet treats and afternoon coffee!

As a wife, and mother to sons Andrew and Jonathon, as well as a busy contributor to the Sylvania Rotary and a handful of various other charities, Kathy has learned to live by the family philosophies of “make it simple” and “do the right thing.”

Her faith propels her forward as she works to do right by her clients and sustain the impeccable image her father laid out for the Anderson/Miller Insurance Agency.

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